Monday, August 5, 2013

We made it!

We made it! We are in Amsterdam and waiting to board the plane for Nantes. We have had quite the adventure already. Did you know you have to PAY to fly an infant internationally? Us either, we found that out when we had to pay $1,000 to fly Evangeline on my lap...that one was a hard to swallow especially because we paid for our tickets with credit card points. Since Evangeline isn't old enough to stay at home by herself we choked up the cash and boarded the plane.

Haven't we said before we have the most perfect baby? Well this trip has confined it. 10 hours on a plane and probably a totally of 30 seconds of crying the entire flight. Evangeline did a lot of playing, a ton of talking and a little sleeping. I haven't had a chance to sleep yet. Kev and Evangeline have each gotten a few hours but none of us have had enough. 

On the plane they had this cool bassinet. I worked on rocking, nursing and bouncing Evangeline for an hour so she was tired enough to fall asleep in the bassinet. When I finally laid her down and stared at her for a good 20 minutes to make sure she was actually out, I grabbed my blanket and pillow, reclined my chair and snuggled in. LITERALLY 20 seconds later, the man behind us sneezed the loudest man sneeze to ever exist and the bouncing, nursing and rocking started all over again. 

But all in all Evangeline is one professional traveler! We couldn't have been more pleased!   

Long line at the airport
Happy camper in first class
Trying to sleep
More playing
Our cold

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