Sunday, August 11, 2013

International Friends

Evangeline made some new friends this week.

The first, and least important, was Ruby. Ruby looks like she should be out of the book, "Un Ours Ma Fenetre" (A Bear at my Window) because she's Rob and Karen's dark, furry little English Spaniel. Evangeline has always loved dogs, but this was one of her first chances to spend an extended amount of time with one. Ruby and Evangeline are now BFFs. Evangeline squealed when she Ruby, and Ruby wagged her tail. Evangeline would tug on Ruby's fur, and like a faithful companion, Ruby would sit idly by. In return, Evangeline dropped hearty helpings of baby food from her high chair.


The more important friend that Evangeline made was of course her cousin Lucy. They were immediate friends and loved sharing their food with each other and learning each others languages (gibberish and Eng-rench). 

Oh, and of course Evangeline made friends with Aunt Karen and Uncle Rob!


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