Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How's she sleeping, you ask?

 I am either going to pass out, get terribly sick, or possibly die. Sleeping? Yeah, not so much. 

But before I complain, let me just say Evangeline has been a rock star! Seriously, so good and so happy! And, on hardly any sleep!

Let me give you the run down. Sleeping on the travel day: I just cant do it. Doesn't happen for me. What can I say, I am a delicate sleeper. I need to be exhausted, laying flat in MY bed, pitch black with no sound. It is the most annoying thing ever but I've tried and tried and without those circumstances, it just ain't happening. Oh and I couldn't watch TV either because Evangeline was sleeping on me in the plane...killer. 

Night #1: Evangeline woke up ever 30 minutes, I think exhausted from our travel day and maybe confused why everything smelt like French toast and French fries. Ok, that last part isn't true. But, she really did wake up ever 30 minutes wanting yo nurse or be rocked. Longest.night.ever.

Night #2: Kev and I were each trying to convince, bribe and even threaten the other into rocking Evangeline all night so the other one of us could get some sleep. This went on from 10pm to about 1am switching off the rocking.  Then we decided to stop trying to force something that wouldn't happen and instead taught Evangeline new baby tricks. She successfully drank out of my camelback water bottle (which later resulted in a very full diaper) and army crawled across the bed. A very productive night if you ask me. Kev and I were both so delusional we don't remember who finally got Evangeline to sleep or how she ended up in our bed but before we knew it, it was 10:30am.  

Naps: Pretty good. But, mostly because when she naps at 12:00pm here, it is 3:00am at home. Nonetheless, long naps always make me feel good. 

Tonight: She started getting tired at 10:00pm. It is 11:00pm and I've already checked to make sure she's breathing because she was soooo easy to put to bed. I guess I should stop blogging and actually sleep when I get the chance. 

The weeks leading up to this trip I prayed over and over for one of two things. Either Evangeline sleeps or Kev and I have the energy to survive. Thank you, Lord for answered prayers. Kev and I are having a blast. 
You can't tell but there is a baby under the polkadot fabric. 
Naps on the go in Amsterdam
Middle of the night, night one. Evangeline decided to poop up the biggest poop ever. It got on Kev's arm. So gross. 
Night #2. I kept asking Kev if I could take pictures at 2am. He said no. But I was naught and did anyways. Good blogging material. 

In the above picture, Evangeline is arming crawling and screaming(good, happy screams). Kev didn't want her to wake Lulu or Rob and Karen. 

Oh- on a side note. This whole experience has brought new light to Kev and I and Rob and Karen about our kid's sleeping habits. They are WAY heavier sleepers then we give them credit. I don't think either of us will be worried about creaky floors or flushing toilets anymore. Both girls have slept through the others screaming and crying. 
Sweet sleeping Lulu. She's exhausted because she has so much enthusiasm and excitement for life she has to rest and recharge! She's a GREAT sleeper! Hopefully she will teach Evangeline her tricks! 

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