Friday, August 9, 2013


Yesterday morning Evangeline and I woke at  10am. It was heavenly! So we had a late start on yesterday's adventure. We were headed to the beach! But first we had to stop by the Patisserie to pick up some sandwiches for lunch. So fun, right? On our way there was an open air market right by the bakery so the boys went in to order and Evangeline and I strolled the market. I asked Rob and Karen how to say, "I don't speak French" so I didn't look like such a simpleton if someone talked to me again. Well in the market a group of three woman started in on the baby talk with Evangeline. With a big smile I spoke my new French phrase... I have no idea what I actually said but they immediately walked away.  I think I will stick with the "merci, merci" from now on. 

Somehow we managed to get out of the house with two kids and all their stuff. Allll their stuff. Yesterday was so so so so much fun. We ventured out to La Baule, France. What a beautiful town. If you ever travel to the West coast of France you must stop by! Seriously, do it. 
I wish we could have had hours to stroll the streets and enjoy a meal or two. But those are pre-baby thoughts...oh life before kids. Any who,  it was so cute and charming and I loved it. 

Both girls were great. Lu and Evangeline both skipped their afternoon nap and did great. Lu liked to play in the sand and Evangeline liked the eat the sand. Neither of the little woman liked the water. Maybe in a few years. 

We rented a little tent, which is a genius skin cancer preventer (here in Europe it is hard to be lung cancer preventers. Don't these Europeans know smoking is bad for you?).

I totally hate sand. Hate it with a passion. It gets everywhere and refuses to leave. Weeks after a beach trip somehow it still sneaks in my mouth for a crunchy bite, how does it do it? It took everything in me not to be all lameo mom and not let the kids play, sit, look or even think about sand. I just took deep breaths and kept shaking out the blankets all OCD- like. In the end the sand won. Every time. 

La Baule, so so so so so much fun. Seriously will be one of my favorite memories of all time. I think the girls loved it too. 

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