Sunday, February 28, 2016


We had a sick girl on our hands this weekend (who eventually passed it along to daddy). We had a weekend full of plans that had to be quickly cancelled or attend with out Evangeline. 

Cuddling and naps were a very nice alternative. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Too Big

Independence is good, I know. But hard to see them get so big. 

Painting her own toe nails and doing a pretty darn good job. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Back to the grind. Two sick girls, bags to unpack, laundry to do. A different kind of paradise. But each please my heart in a different way. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Best Trip Ever

Last night we said goodbye to Bora Bora. My first visit was just as I imagined it, perfect!

We spent our last day swimming and snorkeling then took a trek into the village to experience local life. Found a few souvenirs and drank one last coconut. 

(Kev seem swimming under our hut through the glass floors)

Bora Bora, you've been on my bucket list since I was 12. At 30 you didn't disappoint.  



So this is what 30 looks like. 

What have I been afraid of? 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day Two in Bora Bora

I woke up early, like 515. I was too excited to get back outside. When you live in the Rainy NorthWest you don't want to miss a second of sunshine. 

Watching the sunrise this morning. 

For Kev, when you have two toddlers at home, you don't want to miss a second of sleep. He finally started to stir (with lots of noise from me) around 730. 

When we first got up it was raining but that didn't stop these two Pacific Northwesterners from taking our bikes for a ride to grab some breakfast.

 I ate fried rice, papaya and mangos for breakfast (I'm pregnant so this is allowed). Kev ate French toast, the best he's ever had. Probably because he covered it in "sugar syrup" as they call it here. Haha!!

Then we started our adventures. Swimming, of course. A friendly lobbing of tennis balls 
(the staff kept telling me to be very careful. They must know what a terrible tennis player I am). 

Bike riding. The staff offered me a tricycle. They must know how uncoordinated I am. 

Double paddle boarding and snorkeling

The fish got confused that we weren't one of them. We were welcomed into their schools. 

The rest of the afternoon we swam (shocker) and layed around until dinner. 

We had a romantic walk in the rain to our fresh Sushi dinner. 

It's been an amazing Valentine's day to say the least. 

But, we are missing our two little love bugs!

Anything We Want

We didn't waste a moment yesterday. We swam, kayaked, paddle boarded, swam, biked, swam and swam some more. 

Kev even had time for a little nap to keep him going. 

For dinner we made reservations at a resort hotel called Lagoon where the floors were made of glass and there are frequent shark sightings. We showered and got all cleaned up. To keep things really classy, I've been wearing my signature smell here, bug spray. 

We were seated right over the water and everything we ate was amazingly delicious. 

Kev and I were both exhausted from the long trip here we were fast asleep by 9am! Today I think I may have hit the happiest I've ever been. I've enjoyed every minute of this trip! 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hello Bora Bora

I slept, no dozed, for about 4 hours last night on our red eye to Tahiti. I think the little gal in my tummy was just as uncomfortable as I was. I could literally feel her doing flips in my stomach for most of the night. At 415am I called it good and started watching "The Intern". I didn't get to  finish it but am looking forward to seeing the end on our flight home. (Don't tell me what happened!)

We chocked down some airplane food at 5am and landed in Tahiti around 6am. The moment we climbed off the plane we were hit by the thick, warm, tropical air and it felt so good.

 I mean, it did for a while, but being in booties, jeans and a sweater from my arrival from Portland I was READY to get into less clothing. 

We boarded one last flight to Bora Bora then took a water Taxi to our final destination, the St. Regis hotel!!!

It couldn't be more perfect. Kev and I have spend most of our day jumping into the ocean from our hut's deck. 

Today I think I hit the highest amount of happiness I've ever felt. Way to go, Kevo. You really knocked it out of the park this time. 

We miss these two little things though. 

Friday, February 12, 2016


After a nice and relaxing flight we arrived in sunny Los Angeles. We miss the girls but boy was it nice to read a book or eat what we want or even just talk to one another. 

We grabbed an uber and went to a mall where Kev admitted he forgot shorts for me. Being almost 6 months pregnant regular old shorts weren't going to do the trick and preggo shorts were no where to be found. I'm sure in the HUGE bag he packed me I could find something to wear so I gave up the hunt. 

We then took a nice hike down the street and arrived to Suttans Lebanese Cafe! This reresented part of who I am. Two of my all time favorite people surprised me at dinner. Jocey and Rachy, my college roommates. Over the next two hours we laughed and chatted. Kev was a great sport with all the girl talk. 

After dinner Kev gave me a box with another clue towards my trip. I opened the box and inside were our passports!! I was shocked to learn LAX wasn't our final destination. 

Jocey gave us a ride back to LAX and dropped us at the international terminal. 


When we arrived to the airport Kev went to check in and sent me away with this:

It's a booklet all about our adventures over the next couple days. Several of the pages are taped up and I've been instructed not to open them until I've been given the OK. 

The pages I was allowed to view told me the "theme" of this trip. Which is celebrating the woman I am, where I've come from and the woman I will become. I, of course, bawled reading the pages. Let's blame pregnancy. 

First stop in this adventure is visiting a place I've come from!

Stay tuned!! 

Pictures with No Kids

This blog has quickly, and understandably, been over taken with pictures of the girls. 

The next few days Kev and I are kid free! We're on our official first kid free vacation and we're headed too...? 

You'll have to find out along with me. 

I'm on a surprise trip for my 30th birthday.

Here is what I know so far:
1. We're flying somewhere 

And that's about it. So, check in to follow along on my birthday weekend! 

Us loving on the girls right before we left. Alright, we'll put a few pictures up of the girls also! 

Thank you Bob and Kathy for watching our girls! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Evangeline was promoted to a new gymnastics class this weekend. Her hard work and focus earned her the chance to practice with the "big kids." In celebration, we surprised her with a trip to get a brand new gymnastics outfit. 

Here she is seeing how it fits in her first ever changing room experience. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Brought my assistants to work the other day. They aren't that helpful but they're cute. That's all that matters, right?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Night Club

Took the girls to a new night club called Bath Time. 

The fun started all over at 555am the next morning. 

(This is how Kev and I got 20 more
minutes of sleep this morning. Glow lights in bed) 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Auto Show

I (Kevin) took the girls to the Portland Auto Show this weekend. Evangeline and I loved it last year so this year we brought along Juliet.

Evangeline still loved it. Juliet was mostly curious at first.  

And then everyone started getting a little restless. 

And then they got completely tired. 

We'll try again next year.