Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day Two in Bora Bora

I woke up early, like 515. I was too excited to get back outside. When you live in the Rainy NorthWest you don't want to miss a second of sunshine. 

Watching the sunrise this morning. 

For Kev, when you have two toddlers at home, you don't want to miss a second of sleep. He finally started to stir (with lots of noise from me) around 730. 

When we first got up it was raining but that didn't stop these two Pacific Northwesterners from taking our bikes for a ride to grab some breakfast.

 I ate fried rice, papaya and mangos for breakfast (I'm pregnant so this is allowed). Kev ate French toast, the best he's ever had. Probably because he covered it in "sugar syrup" as they call it here. Haha!!

Then we started our adventures. Swimming, of course. A friendly lobbing of tennis balls 
(the staff kept telling me to be very careful. They must know what a terrible tennis player I am). 

Bike riding. The staff offered me a tricycle. They must know how uncoordinated I am. 

Double paddle boarding and snorkeling

The fish got confused that we weren't one of them. We were welcomed into their schools. 

The rest of the afternoon we swam (shocker) and layed around until dinner. 

We had a romantic walk in the rain to our fresh Sushi dinner. 

It's been an amazing Valentine's day to say the least. 

But, we are missing our two little love bugs!

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  1. Oh my gosh. What a fabulous trip. Nice job, Kev!!!