Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Evangeline and Juliet frequently help me with my job.  Last week we met with a realtor and she told me she thinks the below picture will help the listing.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Made It

After Kev's graduation we did a little campus touring. Good thing we are from Portland so the fact that it was raining and we didn't have a umbrella didn't stop us from seeing the UNC Campus and most importantly, the Kenan Flagler Business School. We did quick dashes in and out of the sites. Coming from BIOLA I was shocked at the sizes of everything! The campus was like a mini city. The stadiums, doors, bookstores, lecture halls, all humongous and beautiful. 

(I couldn't take too many pictures while running in the rain and holding a kid or two at all times)

After our site seeing we grabbed a quick bite to eat and put the girls down for an early bed time. (Kev snitch out after they were sleep and brought us an ice cream) It was going to be another early morning again for us so Juliet decided just not to go the bed at all...

It was a looooong day of flying and these sweet tired girls did the best they could. There were a few melt downs, a few tantrums, a few cuddles and a few sleeps. But we made it and are so proud of Kev and even had a good time (every now and then!). 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Graduation Day

Today was graduation day! We started the morning off right with breakfast at the Waffle House. I felt like I was sentencing put girls to an early death by letting them eat such greasy food but they both loved it and it was quick. 

After breakfast Kev left to go get his cap and gown and get ready for the ceremony. I managed to get myself and the two girls dressed and presentable for such a big occasion and I was only about 15 minutes late!!

They both did great during the ceremony sitting as still and quite as a two year old and a nine month old can for that long.

It helped having the Kimmons there so the girls had someone to play with.

(Playing Ring Around the Rosey during the ceremony. They were whispering at least.)

It wasnt until today I realized how proud I am of Kevin. Many of Kev's classmates are single or kidless. Kev managed to finish his program early all while still being a super hero dad and devoted husband. I never felt like he sacrificed family time for school. If anything he sacrificed school for family time. We are so so so proud of you! Congratulations, Kev!!

Vacation Play Day

Holy cow! What a jam packed day we've had. I'm exhausted, I can't imagine how the chicas feel! Luckily, to my surprise, we had a pretty great night last night. Besides the fact that Evangeline must not suffer from Jet Lag (she was awake a ready to go at 7:30am. That's 4:30am our time!). Ju only woke up once and slept all the way until 9!

Pretty amazing, right?! 

Once every one was up, fed, dressed, showered and check out of our hotel we were on the road to Greensboro to go see the Kimmons! We were lucky enough to have Rob and Karen extend their vacation so we could catch each other on this trip. The girls played and played for hours. They crashed hard for much needed naps at the Kimmon house. 

Right around dinner time we headed back to Chapel Hill. For the remainder of our trip we will be staying at the Carolina Inn. Check it out, amazing. Like jaw dropping incredible! It originally opened in 1924 and they tried to keep the era ambiance with a modern twist. It's so romantic I can hardly handle it. Evangeline loves it too, she's a girl after my own heart. 

With lots of ooh-ing and awe-ing at our suite we did a quick clothes change and headed to the Kenan Flagler Business School Graduation meet and Greet. They had a kid's room with pizza, Mac and Cheese, chicken strips and games. Genius. Too bad Evangeline didn't want to stay in their. But, Ju did. Maybe in a couple years. 

Kev and I tried to scarf the delicious hor d'oeuvres all while having adult conversation with his class mates and feeding two kids. We then walked home through Greek Row and told the girls that they are never allowed to step foot in a fraternity. We showered (no bath in this hotel) the girls and put those sleepy heads to bed. 

Praying for another great night so we have two happy campers as we cheer for Kev as he walks across the stage tomorrow!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Travel Day

We made it! We are in Chapel Hill, North Caroline for Kev's graduation for his MBA. I always try to do longer blog posts while we are on vacation so I remember more of the trip. I got this idea from my wonderful grandmother when I went to London with her and my grandpa when I was 12. Thanks Grammy for making me do this when I was young. It has carried over to all my major trips in life. 

It was an early morning and very short night. Especially because poor little Ju Who woke up at 1am with a fever. After much debate at 4am Kev and I decided to go ahead with our trip. We tried to be as logical as possible on little sleep and that early in the morning. We woke up the girls, both from a dead sleep and buckled their sleepy bodies in the car. Evangeline immediately started saying, "plane! plane!" It is so fun she's old enough now to be excited for things.

We were super nervous about the flights with two sleepy and sick babes. But, as always they were champs and far exceeded our expectations. 

On the first flight Evangeline made friends with the flight attendant and became her assistant. Walking up and down the aisle with her collecting trash and recyclables. Juliet being a little sicky slept most of the flight. 

On the second flight Evangeline got a little antsy. Understandably so, that's a TON of sitting for a two year old. Oh and she decided she wanted her "shirt off". And Juliet slept. 

The girls are both now asleep in the same room! (I'm hoping this is the beginning of their room sharing) I'm praying for restorative and restful sleep for both of their sweet bodies. But also praying for energy and patiences if they are a little out of sorts tomorrow! 

All in all a hugely successful day. These two little ones rocked it. I guess there is one good quality to kids that don't require much sleep! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Packing for a family of four is an all day event. 

And involves a lot of heavy lifting. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


We went to the Lilac Gardens. 

Facing Backwards

I was trying to see if Ju was sleeping in her car seat so I reached my phone back and snapwd a picture. (At a stop light, of course). She was awake. Can you see the banana stuck to her check?

Monday, April 20, 2015


Saturday Pippa and I flew to Southern California to surprise Becca and meet baby Indie. We enjoyed a day full of sunshine, beach picnics and baby cuddles. 

Kev was left home alone with her two ladies. They also enjoyed sunshine, a picnic and Indian statues. 


Ju prefers to attend service with Kev and I. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Orange Belt

Tonight Evangeline and I attended Ayden's Tae Kwon Do testing were he was awarded his Orange belt. He had a HUGE fan base who cheered him on.  Good job buddy!

Afterwards we treated to a celebration dinner by Grammy and Grandpa Bob. They've always attend every recital, soccer game, play, and special event us grandkids have been involved in. Now they are showing their support for the next generation. Thank you! You guys have made us all feel so special. 
Grammy and Bob with Christian walking to the restaurant. 

The fans

Bean head staying up waaaay past her bed time. 

Christian being Christian. Notice the milk bubbles.