Sunday, April 26, 2015

Made It

After Kev's graduation we did a little campus touring. Good thing we are from Portland so the fact that it was raining and we didn't have a umbrella didn't stop us from seeing the UNC Campus and most importantly, the Kenan Flagler Business School. We did quick dashes in and out of the sites. Coming from BIOLA I was shocked at the sizes of everything! The campus was like a mini city. The stadiums, doors, bookstores, lecture halls, all humongous and beautiful. 

(I couldn't take too many pictures while running in the rain and holding a kid or two at all times)

After our site seeing we grabbed a quick bite to eat and put the girls down for an early bed time. (Kev snitch out after they were sleep and brought us an ice cream) It was going to be another early morning again for us so Juliet decided just not to go the bed at all...

It was a looooong day of flying and these sweet tired girls did the best they could. There were a few melt downs, a few tantrums, a few cuddles and a few sleeps. But we made it and are so proud of Kev and even had a good time (every now and then!). 

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