Thursday, April 23, 2015

Travel Day

We made it! We are in Chapel Hill, North Caroline for Kev's graduation for his MBA. I always try to do longer blog posts while we are on vacation so I remember more of the trip. I got this idea from my wonderful grandmother when I went to London with her and my grandpa when I was 12. Thanks Grammy for making me do this when I was young. It has carried over to all my major trips in life. 

It was an early morning and very short night. Especially because poor little Ju Who woke up at 1am with a fever. After much debate at 4am Kev and I decided to go ahead with our trip. We tried to be as logical as possible on little sleep and that early in the morning. We woke up the girls, both from a dead sleep and buckled their sleepy bodies in the car. Evangeline immediately started saying, "plane! plane!" It is so fun she's old enough now to be excited for things.

We were super nervous about the flights with two sleepy and sick babes. But, as always they were champs and far exceeded our expectations. 

On the first flight Evangeline made friends with the flight attendant and became her assistant. Walking up and down the aisle with her collecting trash and recyclables. Juliet being a little sicky slept most of the flight. 

On the second flight Evangeline got a little antsy. Understandably so, that's a TON of sitting for a two year old. Oh and she decided she wanted her "shirt off". And Juliet slept. 

The girls are both now asleep in the same room! (I'm hoping this is the beginning of their room sharing) I'm praying for restorative and restful sleep for both of their sweet bodies. But also praying for energy and patiences if they are a little out of sorts tomorrow! 

All in all a hugely successful day. These two little ones rocked it. I guess there is one good quality to kids that don't require much sleep! 

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