Saturday, April 25, 2015

Graduation Day

Today was graduation day! We started the morning off right with breakfast at the Waffle House. I felt like I was sentencing put girls to an early death by letting them eat such greasy food but they both loved it and it was quick. 

After breakfast Kev left to go get his cap and gown and get ready for the ceremony. I managed to get myself and the two girls dressed and presentable for such a big occasion and I was only about 15 minutes late!!

They both did great during the ceremony sitting as still and quite as a two year old and a nine month old can for that long.

It helped having the Kimmons there so the girls had someone to play with.

(Playing Ring Around the Rosey during the ceremony. They were whispering at least.)

It wasnt until today I realized how proud I am of Kevin. Many of Kev's classmates are single or kidless. Kev managed to finish his program early all while still being a super hero dad and devoted husband. I never felt like he sacrificed family time for school. If anything he sacrificed school for family time. We are so so so proud of you! Congratulations, Kev!!

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