Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hello Bora Bora

I slept, no dozed, for about 4 hours last night on our red eye to Tahiti. I think the little gal in my tummy was just as uncomfortable as I was. I could literally feel her doing flips in my stomach for most of the night. At 415am I called it good and started watching "The Intern". I didn't get to  finish it but am looking forward to seeing the end on our flight home. (Don't tell me what happened!)

We chocked down some airplane food at 5am and landed in Tahiti around 6am. The moment we climbed off the plane we were hit by the thick, warm, tropical air and it felt so good.

 I mean, it did for a while, but being in booties, jeans and a sweater from my arrival from Portland I was READY to get into less clothing. 

We boarded one last flight to Bora Bora then took a water Taxi to our final destination, the St. Regis hotel!!!

It couldn't be more perfect. Kev and I have spend most of our day jumping into the ocean from our hut's deck. 

Today I think I hit the highest amount of happiness I've ever felt. Way to go, Kevo. You really knocked it out of the park this time. 

We miss these two little things though. 

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