Friday, February 12, 2016


After a nice and relaxing flight we arrived in sunny Los Angeles. We miss the girls but boy was it nice to read a book or eat what we want or even just talk to one another. 

We grabbed an uber and went to a mall where Kev admitted he forgot shorts for me. Being almost 6 months pregnant regular old shorts weren't going to do the trick and preggo shorts were no where to be found. I'm sure in the HUGE bag he packed me I could find something to wear so I gave up the hunt. 

We then took a nice hike down the street and arrived to Suttans Lebanese Cafe! This reresented part of who I am. Two of my all time favorite people surprised me at dinner. Jocey and Rachy, my college roommates. Over the next two hours we laughed and chatted. Kev was a great sport with all the girl talk. 

After dinner Kev gave me a box with another clue towards my trip. I opened the box and inside were our passports!! I was shocked to learn LAX wasn't our final destination. 

Jocey gave us a ride back to LAX and dropped us at the international terminal. 

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  1. I. Am. Sooooo. Jelly!!! The shark feeding and sting ray excursions are an absolute MUST! Ask the locals (not the resorts) which ones are best. WOW! Have a blast!