Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Big City of Nantes

I don't know how people have two kids. Trying to coordinate schedules, meals and appropriate attire seems impossible. But, somehow, we managed to pack up Evangeline and Lucy and head to the big city of Nantes yesterday. 

Rob was a perfect tour guide and translator.  If Rob would have charged us $1 for every time we asked, "can you ask them...?" "How do you say...?" "What does that say?" he would have made a ton of money on this outing. Thank you, Rob for your patience and beautiful French. 

Nantes is apparently the 6th largest city in France but when we told people we were headed to Nantes , France they would often say, "have fun in Paris". I guess to most Americans France=Paris. 

I am content for hours just walking unfamiliar streets, watching the people and trying new foods. Nantes was not exception. The city is adorned with ancient buildings, elaborate architecture and symbolic fountains. After strolling through the cobblestone streets we dined at a restaurant and enjoyed Kabobs for lunch, soaked up some sun and people watched. 

Evangeline was getting a little antsy sitting at lunch so I wondered down the street a bit with her. She likes to people watch as much as I do. In the 5 minutes I was gone I was stopped three times by different people all gawking at Evangeline. I can only assume, as baby talk sounds the same in all languages. I just stood there like an idiot smiling and saying, "merci, merci" because I know like three words in French. These people could be telling me Evangeline looks like a gremlin for all I know. But I'm choosing to believe they were stopping me because they had never seen such a beautiful baby before. 

After lunch both of the girls knocked out. So we strolled leisurely through the streets to get my hearts fill of Nantes. I loved it. 

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  1. Oh Tiff... so cute..

    Here is what to listen for: Votre bébé ressemble à un gremlin

    no one would ever say this about Evangeline... but your response would be:
    Vous êtes sans classes et uncouthe.

    However I bet they are saying this:qui est le bébé le plus adorable du monde!!

    I agree

    xo Sarah