Tuesday, August 6, 2013


10 hours on a plane, 6 hours running through Amsterdam, 1.5 hour flight to Nantes and three Kimmons!

We made it! We are sleep deprived and hopped up on adrenaline and having a great time! 

We made a whirlwind run around Amsterdam before we boarded our flight to Nantes. With about 4 total hours of sleep Evangeline was a trooper as we trumped through the streets of Amsterdam. We decided to take a canal cruise to see more of the city which sounded like a good idea but was probably one of the worst ideas Kev and I had ever had. One hour in basically a green house boat (all glass with few windows). The boat was like a million degrees and I had on tight jean pants and carrying an equally hot baby made for a very long boat ride, I could not wait for it to end. This boat ride rivaled the deep sea fishing boat ride Kev and I took where we discovered I get sea sick. Can't decide which was worse. 

OK, enough complaining. All in all it was so fun to see the city and all the unique house boats along the canals. It is a beautiful city! I kept dreaming what it would be like to live in the cute little buildings in the city center. We grabbed a quick local bite and headed back to the airport. 

After a quick flight (it was especially quick because we all knocked out) we were greeted by Rob and sweet Lulu at the airport. 

Evangeline and Lulu have become quick friends. Being with Lulu is good practice for a toddler for Kev and I and having a baby around is good practice for Rob and Karen as baby Kimmons is due in November. I have a feeling this is going to be a really fun week!

PS- why does traveling make you feel sooooo dirty?! 

Train ride. Hot baby and hot mama (literally like hot and sweaty and stuck together)
Amsterdam- I love European streets. 
Family picture
Trying to air out the baby. 
Rob and Lulu sighting
Best buddies
1am hang out session

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