Friday, August 9, 2013

Living Like A Frenchmen.

Today was an adventure for a different reason. Today Kev and I were in charge of the Lulu. You think you're an expert parent because you have an infant. But, we have very little experience in Toddler! 

Lucy was awake and happy at 7:15am. When I walked in her bedroom she was quietly playing with her baby, "Donut", in her crib. She and I got to baking this morning and made German pancakes. Lucy was very helpful stirring, counting, and repeating every word that came out of my's impressive and a little alarming how much she picks up! 

We then finished breakfast, Kev chased Lu and Evangeline in the yard, picked flowers for "mommy" and we all went on a walk in the rain. 

For lunch Lucy had a bowl of chicken, cheese and peas. Eating her finger foods so contently I slipped in the garage to work on some laundry. A couple minutes later Kev came and grabbed me. There was an issue that needed my immediate attention. Lucy discovered that peas were the same size as her nostril and that's exactly where an innocent little pea went. 

My pre-med training came back quickly. With some encouragement, bribing and distraction the pea was safely extracted from the cavernous hole. 
Can you see the look in her eyes? She wanted to try and eat it or put it back inher  nose again. 

After an eventful afternoon and naps for all; Kev, Evangeline and I walked to the local grocery store to pick up supplies for dinner. Even with a detailed French shopping list this was a much more difficult task than I imagined. All of a sudden I was one of those annoying people standing super close to the product blocking the view of others. 
After about 30 laps around the store and a millions "merci"s we managed to make it out of the store with everything we needed and a little more.

The walk to the store was no big deal and even pleasant. On the way back we had three grocery bags, a baby and a steep hill. 
That's Kev, he is carrying the baby and all the groceries. I am walking behind him eating my chips and taking pictures. 

I think we would make a few great Frenchmen. 

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