Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hotels With Kiddos

One thing no one ever told us when we decided to have kids was how terrible it would be to share a hotel room with them. On mine and Jubee's long stay in Maui we had to get creative. Luckily the room we were in was a suite so once Jubee was asleep I could hang out with my parents in the living room (am I a terrible daughter that I made my parents sleep in the hide-a-bed?)
Sinks for bath time 
Closests for bedrooms. 

Once Kev and Evangeline arrived things got a little tricker. 
(Legit hotel crib, right?)

While Evangeline slept in the living room Kev and I escaped to the only safe place. 
The bathroom. I spent a couple nights eating my dinner in there. 

Once we knew the kids were fast asleep we would sneak to the balcony. 
Nothing like the topical vacations we had kid-less.  Not the same but still some how great!  

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  1. Oh my goodness you are awesome! that picture of baby bathing in the sink is so stinkin sweet!! And girl, the closet is a perfect space for a little bed. love it!