Saturday, August 30, 2014

Juliet's Story (WARNING: LONG POST)

I have to write my labor story a few months after I give birth. Otherwise I would write like this, "Here is the story of the most painful thing in the entire world and I will never ever do it again". But when the wounds are healed and I'm used to the sleep deprivation and I've fallen in love again. I write like this...

This is Juliet's story. Abiding in the Lord's protection from the start. 

It was July 9th around 9am and I went to use the little ladies room. And what did I see but a little labor starting!! I rushed out to find Kev changing Evangeline's dirty diaper (a twosy actually) when I decided to announce. "Today is the day. I'm in labor! This baby is coming." Being a seasoned labor partner Kev took one look at me smiling and all excited and decided I was in fact not in labor.  I tried and tried to convince him but there was no convincing him. Especially, when I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the bath tube getting it ready for my parent's arrival. Because I was going to call them next and tell them to get on the road! This baby was coming!! 

I called my mom, who vowed to have her phone by her side until this baby was born. It rang and rang and rang. Finally my dad picked up and told me my mom left her phone at the house while and was out running an errand...I told my dad to throw their bags in the car and head on over. He said he would have my mom call me.... When she finally called me she said they needed to plant a few things in the garden, run a few errands and then they would make their way over that evening. Was anyone going to believe me that I was in labor?!

Because I knew I was in labor there were VERY important things that HAD to get done before this little baby arrived.  Kev, Evangeline and I hopped in the car and went to the mall.  But, no seriously, Evangeline NEEDED some summer clothes.  It was crazy hot and she hardly had anything summery to wear.  As we were walking around the mall contractions started to happen.  I was sure to really milk it so Kev would start believing me that I was in labor.  We bought some cute little things for the Bean Head and then grabbed some lunch.  My office is super close to the mall so after we finished eating I decided to head into work to finish up a few things.

I got to the office and had a spring in my step. This baby was coming! I didn't say anything to anyone just in case I was wrong...but I wasn't, I was in labor.  Around 2pm I no longer had to milk my contractions. They were strong... people would come into my office to talk to me and it took everything in me not to scream out in pain.  Breath, breath, smile, breath.  Since I couldn't hold me composure anymore I quietly packed up my stuff and slipped out of the office.

When I got home Kev could now see that I wasn't feeling well.  If I didn't feel so awful I would have said,"I told you so."  I seriously felt so bad. I called my mom and she said they were on the road and should be to our place around 6pm.  I headed upstairs and curled up in bed.  It was one of the hottest days of the summer but I felt so so cold. I put on wool socks and snuggled into the heaviest blanket I could find.  Kev and Evangeline would come upstairs every once in a while and check on me.

Finally 6pm rolled around and I see my mom's head pop into my room.  She took one look at me curled up in a blanket in the heat of the day and grabbed Kev and told him to call Dr. Grant and tell her we were on our way to the hospital.  My contractions were still pretty far apart and Kev wanted to me home to put Evangeline down for bed. But my mom kept insisting we head to the hospital. Kev grabbed my dad and was giving him the play by play for bedtime.  As we left the house we could hear Bean Head splashing away in the bath having the best time with her Grandad. That made leaving her a little easier.

Right before we left for the hospital.  
We arrived to the hospital a little before 8pm.  They check me and I was only at 4cm... I was feeling awful since 2pm and I was only at 4cm!!  The rule of thumb is 1cm per hour... that meant I still had 6 hours to go...ugh.  The nurse started the admitting process and discovered I had a fever.  That explained why I was so cold at home.  The fever indicated that I had an infection of some sort and they started me on antibiotics right away.  They checked the babies heart rate and it was alarmingly high.  I was put on oxygen and asked to lay down to try and get the baby calm and comfortable.  It was clear this little baby was not happy and a surgeon was placed on call in case we couldn't soothe this sweet baby.  After a few hours the baby finally began to settle and the heart rate looked good and we all started to breath easier. 

It was now 11pm and I was up (again) going to the bathroom.  I was being pumped full of fluids with my IV and antibiotics and I had to pee a million times. And EVERY time I would sit to pee I would have the worst contraction.  One time I refused to sit on the toilet and my wonderful, sweet mother held the bedpan between my legs...oh mom, thank you!  (I hope I am half the woman she is)  Dr. Grant then checked me and I was now at 7cm.  The whiner in me came out and it sounded like this.  "I am going to be here all night.  This is awful.  I am just now in transition and the worst part hasn't even started yet. " Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine. Kev, being the hero husband he is, grabbed me and hugged me.  His strong arms around me relaxed my tired body. 

Just then a ton of blood started to run down my legs. Then another contraction started to come, wanting to be protected from the pain, I  fell into Kev's arms again and held him tight.  The contractions were so bad that being in Kev's arms was the only place I wanted to be and he hugged me for as long or as tight as I needed.  It was now 11:15pm and I looked at Dr. Grant and yelled, "I need to push!!!"  She told me not too, I was not dilated enough at 7cm.  But, I could not help it.  She quickly checked me while I was standing and exclaiming surprisingly, "you're at a 10, push away!!"

The nursing staff had me get on my hands and knees on the hospital bed.  And encouraged me to push with each contraction.  

All of a sudden I felt a "pop" and Dr. Grant announced my water had broken!!  But in the same breath she also told me in my amniotic fluid there was meconium and it was clear the baby was in distress.  All I could think to say was "please, please, please, please".  I was loosing my mind, my labor nurse looked me in the eyes and said, "Tiffany, push with all your might. You HAVE to get this baby out quickly."  And, I did!  I felt that baby burst right out of me.  But it was quite.

Dr. Grant cut the babies umbilical cord and swiftly handed my limp, blue baby to a team who quickly went to work.  Dr. Grant whispered into my ear,  "You have a beautiful baby girl.  She is with the RT team and they are working on getting her breathing." And  It was quite.

Kev was standing as closely as he could to our sweet little daughter as they team was working on her. After what seemed like an eternity we heard a little grunt and another and then a little cry.  We all started started breathing also.  They brought little Juliet Joy over to me so I could meet her.  They laid her on my chest and it was clear she still wasn't breathing well.  After about 30 seconds the RT team took her from me again and rushed her out of the room.  Kevin followed.

I was updated by Dr. Grant, nurses, and texts from Kev on how sweet little Juliet was doing.  They had her hooked up to IVs and getting her oxygen levels to a healthy level. 
Three hours later we were reunited.  I now noticed she had my chin, Kev's ears and was absolutely perfect. I was and so thankful for the Lord's protection over Juliet.  Thank you, Lord.

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