Thursday, August 21, 2014

Clark County Fair

I convinced Kev to go to the fair.  Ok, I begged Kevin to go to the fair.  I have very fond memories of County Fairs growing up. Kevin has zero memories of County Fairs growing up.  He thinks fairs are dirty and bad and dangerous.  Little does he know they are fun and wonderful and magical.

Here is our County Fair Experience.

Evangeline was tall enough to ride on only one ride on the whole fair grounds.  The Merry Go Round. So, of course, we HAD to take her on it.

And, of course, I HAD to take a video. Here is the video on her on her FIRST fair ride. Kev decided they would ride the Giraffe or Jirafa in espanol.

The ride operator informed them they could not ride the Jirafa together (and he did say Jirafa because he didn't speak English).  And you all know Evangeline, she wasn't about to ride it alone so they moved to "Plan B".
This wasn't the fun, wonderful, and magical experience I was hoping to create for Evangeline's County Fair memories. Maybe next year!

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  1. HAHA I'm with Kev on the whole "dirty fair" thing. but that's because we had the LA county fair as our fair option. Yours looks much more clean :) -Val