Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Was it Seaside or Disneyland?

Evangeline got some one on one time with Mimi and Auntie Linds. A trip toSeaside  Beach. 

But first, a stop for breakfast at camp 18 for one of their gigantic cinnamon rolls. 

Next, beach time where she learned about jelly fish, shells and "diggers" for making the best holes in the sand. 

Lastly, a carousel ride, because we know this girl is a sucker for any kind of amusement ride. 

When she came home she was bouncing off the walls. No doubt, the best day of her life!

Thanks Mimi and Auntie Linds!! 

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  1. Such a fun day! I wasn't quite bouncing off the walls at the end of the day, but have special memories for life!