Wednesday, July 17, 2013

She Hit Another One

As a mom you try not to compare your kids to other people's kids, but it just happens.  I try not to care what other people's kids are or aren't doing, but in reality I totally pay attention.  Milestones are important, it reassure you your kid is on track or an achiever, or maybe even the slow one.

Evangeline has been rolling over from her stomach to her back since 4 months (super advanced, right?).  But, she hasn't really seemed to care about rolling from her back to her stomach.  But, I haven't really cared...well, I mean, maybe I have a little.  Well, today I bribed wher with my phone and she flipped from her back to her front like a chap.  I swear she must have been practicing behind my back.

Kev and I caught it on tape to show that our kid is soooo advanced, or at least on track, or maybe slow...? Anyways, so she flips both ways now and she does it soooo well!!!

(I was trying to shorted this video but my phone says it is out of memory or some jazz like that.  So just skip to the middle to see the action!)

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